Friday, December 6, 2013

MATS Blog Tour 2013

After too many years of standing still in both my professional and personal life I have recently made the decision to get proactive and make the changes to market my work better and extend myself more to make a difference in my community. In the past, I would have just day dreamed about taking those big steps but now I am acting on those day dreams.

Recently, I have become a BIG SISTER (through the Big Brother and Sister program in my community) to a beautiful 10 year old girl, who is super bright and sooooo creative. A favorite outing for us is to go to the public library, find a fun space and get out our pencils and paper and start to draw. I am so glad I made this connection. I really appreciate how hard this agency works to match up folks and I definitely see a mini me, in my little sister. I hope that my mentoring will make a difference in her life, I know it definitely will in mine.

Creatively, I have made big changes too, after years of freelance work that never fully utilized my illustration and art skills, I decided to make a concentrated effort to market myself better and strengthen my illustration skills as well. 

I feel that I am off to a great start. After reading a friend's FaceBook post spotlighting her friend and amazing artist/illustrator Emily Balsley's journey to making it into the top 6 of the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2013, I was instantly intrigued and had to visit Lilla's website to check things out.  Almost immediately, I signed up for her e-course MAKE ART THAT SELLS (Part A) and I am so-so glad that I did. I have not only gained new insights into current markets and opportunities for the creative entrepreneur but I learned to see and think differently about my art in a much better way. 

A huge bonus to the course is the amazing community of talented creatives, MATS (Part A) alums, that have connected through the course and have stayed connected through the course FaceBook page. We post our success stories, questions regarding projects, creative pursuits and more. It has been so wonderful to find this community, that from day one has been so inspiring and supportive.

Today I am participating in the MATS Blog tour along fellow alumni Andrea van Dalen and Ohn Mar Win.    

Ohn Mar Win
Andrea van Dalen
Check out their blog posts and also check out the Blogs of my other classmates listed in the sidebar to the right. :)

Oh yeah, I just wanted to share my excitement over a recent edition to my backyard, my NEW Studio! It was a long time coming but so worth the wait. I can't wait to set up my work space inside and "Get Crackin".

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